Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Turtle-Threatener

Scootered this evening up to the Village proper to gas up my scooter and pick up some cat food -- my elderly catchildren can only eat canned food. I rode right past the Don't Make Me Go Upside Your Head With This Turtle* sculpture, realizing at that point I should have taken my camera along. Maybe another time -- it was pretty dark already.

Those attending the mini-blogbash starting 3:00 pm this Sunday will be able to enjoy the wonderfulness of it in person! The artwork is barely two blocks away from our venue, the Broadripple Brewpub. If that's not enough, the Art Center, two or three blocks in the other direction, has even more Big Public Art cookin', including a tesserect of some sort. See, we're culturally upliftin'. More or less.
* Not the actual name of the piece, though wouldn't it be grand if it was?


Anonymous said...

Lessee, I think it was Junior year of HS that we built a tesserect on top of my car as the Math Club entry in the Homecoming Parade.

Verification is yldxhr - yield x hour?

Roberta X said...

The one at the artspark is constructed in such a manner as to suggest it might become a fountain. Alas, no water yet. It's still quite the gadget!

breda said...

I know from experience that if you hold a turtle like that, you'll most likely get peed on - enough threat for me!