Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Snob Appeal

Ha! I see your Grey Poupon and raise ya -- Limited-Edition Tobasco. Will wonders never cease? Even if we give 'em a quarter an' send 'em off to the five and dime?

Why do I keep thinkin' of three-card monte?


breda said...

I love Tabasco, but give me a break. This is right up there with the civet poop coffee.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new for Tabasco brand sauce.

For at least 5 years, you could order a special version of their gallon(!) bottle with your name on it.

Rob K said...

Sheesh, that's as silly as all the special "selected from only the best barrels" expressions of bourbon.

Anonymous said...

As much I like Tobasco, it seems a bit old hat these days. Over the past several years, a whole cottage industry of seems to have sprung up -- or maybe it did so longer ago than I've been aware. Anyways, I keep a bottle of Dave's Insanity around, more to add some heat to the Cholula than anything else, though I use it very sparingly to heat up other things.

Despite the name, my current favorite is this stuff, which is nicely hot, but has actual flavor too. Goes well on hot wings, for example, though it isn't at all like the traditional Buffalo Wings flavor.

BobG said...

Tabasco is a nice mild sauce (I get it in 12 oz bottles), but I like a variety. I tend to run to habanero and chipotle chiles and sauces, and also do a lot of cooking with ancho, pequins, and mulato chiles.

Anonymous said...

My tastes in hot sauce are pretty pedestrian -- I like Tobasco, Cholula, and a Louisiana brand they stock at Gumbo A-Go-Go that is the hue of grenadine syrup -- Panera? That stuff is no shade found in nature.

(Verification word: fywex. The short nickname for a Welsh hot sauce?)