Friday, May 09, 2008

Andrea Mitchell

...This morning in Engineering, a couple of baskets of fine comestibles arrived: cookies, cake, apples, pears, honey-roasted cashews, summer sausage, cheddar cheese, et yummy cetera and a very simple card: "Thank you, A. Mitchell."

That is what we call A Class Act.

You're welcome!


staghounds said...

You can have tea with her at the Four Seasons for $18,500. Unfortunately her economy destroying husband will be there too. Unclear whether the feed is included, or just a reservation.

Roberta X said...

Um, "pass."

A) The Hubby is a tragic figure; from the gold standard to irrational exuberance, in one career arc. I am convinced he decided at a certain point that freedom and reason were so precious they should be strictly rationed.

B) On-air talent can be "troupers" and "good to work with" without being persons with whom one would like to hang. So many of them are arses, deliberately or without realizing it, that the few who aren't sparkle in comparision.

C) Free food is good. Food one gets along with payin' to schmooze with the Supposedly Great? Generally chicken, high in rubber content. I'll be backstage at the Craft Services table, thank you. (Russert & Co. set us a fine one on set-up day and, I hear, show day. Deelish, no speeches to sit through: win!)

Word: ybozibfe. Hah! Roll up that and smoke it, Greenspan!