Monday, November 01, 2010

Blood For David?

If you see David Broder, willya please let him know he's a bloody-minded idiot? Seems he thinks it would be, unh, kewl if the Prez went to war against, not that he really should and, like, stuff; but hey, FDR fixed the economy and eliminated a global menace, so, just for funzies, think what it would be like. Neat, hunh?

You know, I'd never advocate it, not ever, but what's nice to think about -- but not to do, not for realio trulio, even though it sure would be neat-o -- is most of the next hundred or so people Mr. Broder meets reaching out with one hand and gently poppin' him on the side of the head, while saying, "You halfwit"

Yeah, let's have another war, David. What a swell idea. You go first.


Underground Carpenter said...

Hi Roberta X,

It used to be common knowledge that war "jumpstarted" an economy. Re the current quagmires, I think we can finally lay that one to rest.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Oh great job Broder! Remind the Anointed One that if he wants to follow in FDR'S footstep, he should start a war. Frackin' Idiot!

Frank W. James said...

Yeah, well, he will have to start up the draft first....that is IF he wants to REALLY do something about unemployment like FDR did.

As for the war, let Broder and his family go first...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I used a David Broder column years ago to illustrate the use of logical fallacies for a paper in Freshman Comp.

Seems he hasn't changed much since.

Mike W. said...

Oh wonderful, let's start another war when we're already stuck in two shitholes that can't really be "won" by combat forces.

What a maroon.

Stranger said...

David Broder is one of those whose "credentials" are grounded in political affinity. If he had been privileged to attend the "school of hard knocks" for a few years, he would have a more realistic perspective on life.

Instead, he attended Chicago, where he was editor of the Maroon. Which should tell you much. Including the fact that the janitorial profession lost a good johnitor.

Of course, I could say the same of many of our "credentialed" politicians and journalists. Instead of "credentials" based on accomplishment, far too many have credentials based on daddy's or some patron's wealth.