Monday, November 29, 2010

Broken Car Update

So, Sunday evening when I left for work,* Tam -- who has much better car-fu than I, unless the car in question is British and a bit old; and maybe not even then -- suggested cycling the driver's-side lock just for kicks.

Of course this freed up the outside door latch, so now all I have is a broken inside latch. I looked at it, there's only one screw holding it, and hunk of plastic has cracked right off. Amazon will sell me a new little assembly (unless someone out there happens to have an inside left door latch assembly for an '02 Hyundai Accent laying around?). I just have to figure out how the strange little retaining clips that hold the bent ends of the latch and lock actuating rods work.
* Electronic voodoo: if I'm already on-site, watching when high-dollar stuff happens, the widgets won't goof off. Alternatively, if they burst into flames, I can throw myself on the conflagration.... There actually is a middle ground between suttee and sympathetic magic where I'd be of some use.


Larry said...

There's plenty of Hyundai's in wrecking yards all over. Much cheaper than buying new, most likely.

Standard Mischief said...

Preferably, you want a "auto recycling center" where you can actually enter the yard and pull the part yourself.

Preferably one where you pay a buck to get in, sign your life away if you get injured, and have a published price list.

They'll search your toolbox on the way out, so if you bring a broken part into the yard, (or anything that looks like a part rather than a tool), make sure they mark it on entry.

Around here, I could pull part of a door assembly and get charged less than $30. Real estate has to be cheaper in Indy outer burbs, so your selection might be better.

The other extreme is where the entire yard is inside a building, the yard caters to the panel beaters, they pull the part for you, and the price (which you can haggle) is 5x to 10x as much.

You could also try ebay. I've mostly bought there when the part I needed, I wanted to buy new, like motor mounts.

I'd buy authentic new OEM parts more often, but the new car dealers always deliver service with the attitude that makes me hate myself for giving them money. That and the markup usually sucks. The quality of the parts are almost always top shelf.

Standard Mischief said...

Won't help you unless you are in town, but you can at least see the business model and price list.

Standard Mischief said...

Also, you can probably find a car like yours in the yard with enough of the inner panel stripped away that you can get a good look at the "exploded view"

There's got to be a Hyundai forum like "" out there with better photos than the "reassembly is the reverse of removal" auto repar manuals.

og said...

A new part from Ebay will probably be under $20. Meanwhile, you can roll down the window and open from outside, which involves being somewhat of a contortionist.

The operating rod clips unclip from the rod first, and then rotate out. Easy-peasy, once you do it once.

karrde said...

I've had good experience with

They claim to have an email list to Automotive Salvage sites across the country. When I hit them with a request, I usually get two or three offers with reasonable prices (including shipping).