Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cold Weather Is Here

...And I am reminded once again that I pity the unfortunate souls who have never stood over a heat vent on a chilly morning, wearing a long bathrobe. Warms you right up!

I worked up my nerve and started the furnace last night. "Nerve," you might ask, "why's that?" --But only if you never lived in a small house with several cats. There's always some cat hair that gets past the filter. The only question is, how much? So far, so good.


Crucis said...

When I was growing up, Dad being a coal miner could buy coal directly from the mine at a steep discount---a bennie of being in the UMWA.

We had convection vents through out the house. Dad didn't install a forced air furnace and blowers until after I left home.

Mom loved to stand over the vent in the dining room early in the morning. I remember her house-coat ballooning from the heat rising from the furnace directly below. For a number of years, her outline appeared on the wall created by the coal dust in the rising air.

After Mom died, Dad left it there until he could no longer live on the farm alone. My sister and I painted over the outline but not without a lot of memories triggered by it.

Anonymous said...

My cats being the pragmatic lot they are, have bypassed the filter and simply sit on the registers thereby ensuring an even coat.

As for the cold, I worry that we're due either for a real nerf winter, or a real monster that is simply saving up a bit.