Sunday, November 07, 2010

There I Was, Dreaming Of Ancient Egypt

And then there was a commercial: "The Imhotep Mattress Company: you'll sleep like the dead -- and wake like a god!"

There was a lot of ironing, too. Frikkin' pleated skirts and kilts!

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Stranger said...

Well, at least those pleated skirts were long enough that shrinkage was not a problem.

Before the "Sanforized" process became popular some batches of fabrics would make below-the-knee hems into above the knee skirts whether that was in style or not.

Men had to buy pants two to four inches too long and hope they would shrink enough for the cuffs to stay off the ground but not so much they revealed one's ankles.

And then there were those nylon shirts and blouses. A few of the unwary tried to iron the waffle pattern down so the shirt would not scrape skin so badly.

The result was a very pious garment. Downright holey.