Monday, November 29, 2010

More Bookshelves

Can't have too many!I had shelves on that wall that were about an inch too wide for the space -- and which had a shelf exactly at the height of the light switch. Solving the second problem solved another one: the cordless phone had been awkwardly located on a lower shelf. Since this is a nice, central spot, I didn't want to relocate it.

Snapped this after supper -- but before loading the dishwasher. So, no looking at the kitchen!

I'll post a little more at Retrotechnologist.


Ruth said...

very nice! Want to come build some for me? ;) I think I know what my project is for the winter....

Larry said...

Full book shelves: the best insulation.

Blackwing1 said...

It looks like there's a small vertical void space in the corner (toward the left-hand side of the picture) where the two bookshelf walls come together.

Did you leave an access port near the bottom so you can get anything that falls into there, out?

I know your furry roomies are no longer with you, but you might end up with another kitten. And if they're anything like our cat was, he'll be on top of that shelf, batting something into that hole just to watch it drop in.