Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Far Left Melts Down

Geesh, I'm kinder to our current President than Ted Rall is:

"It was obvious from the beginning that Mr. Hopey Changey was devoid of character, deploying a toxic blend of liberal rhetoric and right-wing realpolitik. We were in denial."
"We knew Obama was a weasel."

When you were a darling of the Far Left and they've dropped you like a sex tourist abandoning a third-world orphan at the airport, what's next?


Mike W. said...

I guess the honeymoon's over....

Ritchie said...

So-if I'm accurately tracking the trajectory of the spittle from Mr. Rall's bunker on the extreme left, Mr. Rall is outraged not that Pr. Obama is a grifter revealed, but that he's even less radically left than the projection on the blank screen inside Mr. Rall's head implied. And by way of the long way around, that makes Pr. Obama a grifter-revealed. Welcome to our world. The off-prompter remark to Joe the Plumber was all I needed to see. Perhaps someone will leave some cookies outside the bunker.

Ancient Woodsman said...

Rall and Soros both in the same week lamenting that The Chosen One wasn't a unicorn farting golden skittles after all. More disturbing is that their problem seems to be that Obeyme just plain isn't progressive or leftist enough.

There is no blind blinder, nor deaf deafer, than the left. Too bad they weren't mute, too.