Monday, November 01, 2010

Where Do You Vote?

Google can look it up!

Remember, in Indiana, if you have no other guide, see who the Indianapolis Star supports and then don't vote for those people. That's most of the decision already done! (Okay, okay, I still have a soft spot for Todd Rokita (R), our outgoing Secretary of State, standing for U.S. Congress from the 4th district; he's not in my district, so I don't have to make the tough choice between him and a LP guy.) Leave out all the incumbents -- they had their chance already -- and you may only have one or two races with any choice to make.

In the cute/zombie race between Brad Ellsworth and Dan Coats, the paper's gone for age over beauty; which is enough to finish pushing Mr. Coats off my list. Rebecca Sink-Burris (LP) is the only candidate in that race who hasn't slung deceptive mud. It's the modifier that did the guys the most damage.

A candidate whose politics I despise is presently running one of the most high-minded, positive campaign ads I've ever seen on the ijit box. He's probably a shoo-in for election, which makes the high road a lot easier to take. I don't like the guy much -- but I have to admire the ad.


Anonymous said...

Here in Warren County Missouri, Google apparently lost my polling station, a church that has been there for decades.

Roberta X said...


...Are you sure it's still there? :)

OTOT, maybe they blocked it 'cos Red China objected....