Saturday, November 20, 2010

Frickin' Sporks

...Now they're gettin' arty. Dude who took that lives in a different reality -- or his camera does.


Stranger said...

Traditionally, that would be taken on a sheet of frosted glass, with the fork's shadow illuminated from the bottom and the spoon's shadow balanced out from the top.

And the shot would have probably been taking with a view camera and composed on ground glass, so you can tell exactly when the spoon's shadow disappears. Nowadays?

Photoshoppe. Much easier. But not nearly as artistic.


Roberta X said...

Possibly, though my eye suggests a slight floatiness to the spoon above the fork shadow -- about the thickness of a sheet of glass.

Question: is the art the image, the conceiving of the image, or the manner in which it is executed?

Carteach said...

Like. Much.


Anonymous said...

Is this what you use when it is discovered that the cake is a lie?

WV: auglopo - The sound made by food falling off of a spork.

Stranger said...

For the photographic arts, the conception (or recognition) of an image is considered art, while the post exposure execution is artistry.

A distinction that occupied a great deal of time at a certain camera club while the unmistakable impression of a cane bottom chair faded from the model's bottom.