Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Saturday?

H'mm, guess it is. Everyone overslept at Roseholme Cottage this morning, even the cat. Tam tells me she's got a massive headache; mine woke me up about 0300, but I was able to take enough analgesic to nip it in the bud.

Update: Readers were worried about carbon monoxide. I've been meaning to get a detector anyway and now seemed like a really good time, so I got one.

It's plugged in and running. We're clean and green. Remember, "headache" is pretty much my default state, since about 1996.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a CO detetor in the house? Ed Jones

Roberta X said...

Nope. Y'think?

I believe I'll buy one today.

B said...

Ed has the same thought I did. If your furnace is gas (or your water heater) it might be worth checking out.

CO is hard to detect and is sneaky.
and the fact that all three of you didn't wake up is an indicator.

open a window!

B said...

Reading your roommates latest post makes me think so more and more that you have a CO issue.

Seriously, open a few windows for a few.....

Roberta X said...

I have done so.

Contrarily, I was up when my alarm went off (0600, same as any day) and had decided to sleep in; and the cat was with me most of the morning, neither more nor less asleep than usual: she snuggles awhile, then has to move, or go have a snack or a drink.

Stan in Minnesota said...

Do yourself a favor, get the detector. A friend of mine almost put off a visit to me because he was feeling punk. When he got here he decided he didn't feel well enough and went back home. Walking into his place he could smell gas. In his case the propane tank hadn't been filled and it was sucking up the crap at the bottom of the tank causing incomplete combustion. If he hadn't come to my place with the 2 hours herre and back he probably would never noticed it and went to see our maker.

Carteach said...

CO was my first thought as well. BTDT...... run, don't walk... to get a detector. Tonight would be good.

Furnace burn-thru happen more than people know.

Brain cells don't grow on tree's ya know. Yours are worth too much to lose.