Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's A "Medium," All Right

Readers may remember the popular TV show, "Quantum Leap." Every episode, our intrepid meddler hero ended up a short-term tenant in someone else's body, needing to correct something in that person's life.

Okay, if you can overlook the meddlesome others-know-best idea, it's a cute notion. It got good ratings, too.

...Only it turns out, it wasn't all that original. On the other hand, it was cribbed from a trio of geniuses: the Marx Brothers were (almost) there first, with Deputy Seraph, "in which Chico and Harpo were angels whose job was to possess people for brief periods of time: bringing two lovers together, exposing a criminal, and so forth." Sound familiar? --Oh, and Grouco is their boss, the title character.

Alas, Deputy Seraph never got past a few minutes of film to frame the pilot. A routine medical check prior to insuring the actors found Chico had advanced hardening of the arteries; he got a downcheck on insurance and the show never got off the ground. Two years later, he was gone.

The idea, however, must have still been in the air a few decades later....

If there is anything new under the sun, Hollywood's already working on sequels followed by a remake. You have heard they're reshooting the Wizard of Oz from the original MGM script, haven't you?

(Just to take the edge off, at this link you'll find about 45 minutes of Chico and Groucho in their radio program Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel, giving the legal profession the full benefit of their skills).


Jennifer said...

reshooting the Wizard of Oz?!?!?
They really are all out of ideas. They'll probably end up adding zombies to it before they are done.

perlhaqr said...

I hope they use "Dark Side of the Moon" as the soundtrack. :)

BobG said...

"They'll probably end up adding zombies to it before they are done."

That, or the Tin Woodsman will be gay to make it PC.

Loki1776 said...

Maybe we could convince them to cast Liza Minnelli in the Margaret Hamilton role.

SordidPanda said...

I always thought "Quantum Leap" was a remix of "A Wrinkle in Time". Either way, the Marx bros. predate either.

Roberta X said...

Loki, perfect! "I'll get you, my pretties...." She was born for the role.

And I may be overdue to reread L'Engel.