Friday, November 19, 2010

Not IMPD? That's Okay, Then

I thought it was Indianapolis' Finest in trouble again, but on further investigation, it was an officer from the bedroom community of Greenwood who flashed a gun and announced, "I am the police," when a concerned bystander chided him for leaving a baby unattended in his car.

It's not to uncommon for LEOs in small towns to kind of look up to the nearest big-city police department -- but he might want to find better role models. His bosses may agree; they've suspended him. Without pay.

Update: It gets better -- or maybe worse. When fellow officers arrived on the scene, they thought his breath might smell of alcohol, and suggested he might want to blow into a tube. This offer was made and refused twice. I'm not sure you or I would have been extended quite that same courtesy.


In other policing-type news, local purer-than-spring-water choirboy Brandon Johnson, the 15-year-old who got on the wrong end of a police beating awhile back, was apparently part of a youth group who were taunting an intoxicated man...who proceeded to drive his car towards them. Police are investigating. Um, Mr. Johnson? First time up, huge big mess, you took a beating when you probably should have been arrested, frog-marched to court and made to square yourself with society; the po-leece dropped the ball (dropped it right on you, several times) and you got to be a cause célèbre instead. Don't cont on it happening twice. You got yourself a good, strong sign and the kind of second chance most people in your situation do not; there'll be a lot of people let down if you blow it, the Future You most of all.


Anonymous said...

Asked if they were "rednecks" that lived in a "trailer"???

In Greenwood isn't that a statement of fact, or an observation of the obvious?

Shootin' BUddy

Justthisguy said...

If I were that guy, and had some brains, I would just curl up and hide. That guy doesn't seem to be well-fixed for brains.