Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election Fallout

Are the Democrats stuck in an LBJ replay? Oh, laugh now -- but LBJ begat Richard Milhous Nixon; whatever you may think of the latter (and consider the alternatives!), he didn't exactly slather the Presidency with glory. Just keep buttering those guns!

Cap-and-bankrupt is off the table! --At least for now. The dedicated few who plug their coal-powered cars into the wall every night still don't realize what has so narrowly been averted.

People everywhere are standing up for their rights! --No, wait, that one's in China. We're still stuck with Kelo.

Europeans are confused. Heh. Guys, this is why the ancestors of so many Americans left Europe.

Me, I'm just happy to see divided government return. Long live acrimonious legislative gridlock! --At least until we can elect us a Congress and Administration that will start trimming the Feds back down to Constitutional size.

However, I sure hope the next consecutive batches of idiots from the two Boot On Your Neck Parties will remember the elections of the last decade -- of the last twenty years -- the next time they get the urge to mouth off about "permanent majorities" or "sweeping, irreversible change." Congress? White House? Y'all are dancing on ice, always -- and it looks to be getting thinner. Bear it in mind. (Like they ever will.... These are the same pinheads we remember from student government. They haven't grown up, only gotten older).


B said...

Re: Kelo

"The redeveloper was unable to obtain financing and had to abandon the redevelopment project, leaving the land as an empty lot"

Sad, Ain't it?

Drang said...

"Europeans are confused." Sure are a lot of commies on Yahoo! News.

jbrock said...

These are the same pinheads we remember from student government. They haven't grown up, only gotten older.

As very much distinguished from smarter. Seriously, it's amazing how dumb most of them are. Just flat-out frellin' stoopid. No verifiable member of genus homo could feign that level of idiocy for this long.

So, how many hours until the Republicans start hallucinating a "mandate"?