Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1938: Manned Moonshot

It's called "The First on the Moon" and it's a documentary of that long-ago, first Soviet space program....

...Mind you, the fellow in charge of the movie says it's simply a commentary on a system that treated people like machines.

Whatever it is, it's brilliantly done; with a former government that led the world in, ahem, creative history for his background, the filmmaker has come up with something fascinating.

You can't get it on DVD, even the Region 5 version (PAL standard) listed at Amazon is unavailable -- but it's right there on YouTube, in seven parts. Enjoy!

(And if you're visiting Farside City, see if the Russians have a tour of the memorial site scheduled during your stay. Oh, it's long ride to a forlorn and lonely place, just another patch of Moonscape with a discarded lander-stage, some empty tanks and tins and a tattered, sun-bleached flag, but terribly moving all the same).

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Ric Locke said...

You can also get a (quite long) trip to the landing site of Columbiad. It's not clear how many people fall for this, but the booth has been there since '74 that I know of, and the people staffing it don't look to be starving.