Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Signed Book Update

I have been busy with various "real"-world activities (researching Life Among The Mundanes, maybe? Mostly, annoying accountants, which is a perfectly terrible thing) and it has taken me longer than expected to work out costs.

Here's an Easter Egg for readers who like SF: there are a bunch of fanzines available online!

Back to autographed & personally inscribed editions of I Work On A Starship: The most dependable method within the U.S. will be a flat-rate Priority Mail box. $5.20 covers all postage & packaging costs and I'll ask $16 for the book. (I've had their flat-rate envelopes break in processing and there is nothing worse than receiving an empty envelope in a Post Office "Ooopsie!" plastic bag). Media Mail is a couple dollars cheaper but by the time I come up with envelopes, etc., the costs are equal and it takes longer.

Update: My book's on! --I make about three cents from Amazon sales, btw. But hey, it's show biz! ;)

I'll be contacting the lucky winners of the first round of books this evening. I have a list of names for the secnd round but three of you -- Chuck K, Gerry and Anonymous (!) -- need to e-mail me at roberta (dot) x (at) sbcglobal (dot) net: I don't have your e-mail addys. (Blogger takes it when you post a comment, but it doesn't show it to me!)

If you already have a copy and would like it signed, contact me and I'll arrange for you to send it to Roseholme Cottage with an SASE.


Sendarius said...

Does that email address work?

I have sent multiple messages in the last few days with no response.

If you are simply ignoring me, that's cool. :)

Roberta X said...

Sorry; been too busy. Two possibilities:
1) I buy 'em here, you pay vai PayPal, I mail 'em to you.

2) You become my Australian agent, post design to Zazzle, collect a percentage from them on any muugs sold. (It's not much and not fast). This is more work for you.

Sendarius said...

Paypal please.

Like you, my Real Life is busy enough at the moment.