Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Morning!

It better be a good morning, if it know what's good for it. --Cold, which I loathe; with every year, I come to a better understanding of why people retire to warm climates.

There's a gun show this morning, a BlogMeet this afternoon and you'll find a propaganda poster from the Hidden Frontier at I Work On A Starship. If there's not something in all that to amuse you, you'd better find a book.

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Nowayoutbutup said...

The Star Palace is a dance venue located above Old Warnors Theatre.
The popularity has come and gone over the years but seems to be on the uptake as the downtown area of Fresno improves.
I rented my sound system many times to bands coming to Fresno without the gear needed to play larger venues such as the Star Palace.