Saturday, January 01, 2011

Oh My Head plus Professional Dissing

Had a perfectly delightful New Year's last night, driven to speakeasy kind of dining establishment by a handsome fellow in a black suit with black shirt and black tie, in a steely-gray Crown Vic of the sort that murmurs "Authorized Vehicle."

Good company, good food, fine adult beverages....

...And woke up, exhausted, well before the dawn with a head like a jackhammer, over the bone-deep pain of a migraine. What to do, what to do? Made a few orbits of the house and inspiration struck: migraine was one-sided. I stuck a coldpack in my pillow, laid down on that side and was blissfully asleep in minutes. Drastic but effective.


Woke up later this morning to see a TV reporter interviewing one of the organizers of a local New Year's Day run; she remarked pointedly on what a cold day it was (well above freezing)...which point the organizer addressed with studied mildness, "Oh, no, this is the best weather we've had in years. You'd warm right up if you were moving." Zing!


I still need coffee, Vitamin I and a shower before I'll feel entirely human.


Tango Juliet said...

The price you pay for being a party girl. :)

Gewehr98 said...

In Uncle Sam's Air Force, we called Motrin "Vitamin M" so I can sympathize with the "Vitamin I" tag. I am led to understand the stuff's also called "GI Candy".