Saturday, January 08, 2011

This Is Bad

A U.S. Congresswoman's been shot in Tucson during a public appearance at a Safeway supermarket. Several other people were also shot, possibly as many as a dozen total. Shooter said to be in custody.

Not a whole lot more showing up online right now. Count on the blood-dancers having a field day with this. --And dig hard for the facts; we're talking a Democrat politician getting shot in a Constitutional carry state, there's going to be a whole lot of opinionating and half-witted guesswork, not all of it obvious.

Update: Oh, this is full of fail; the Congresswoman, Gabrielle Gifford, had taken a brick through her office front window back around the time some folks were calling for it. MSNBC has already linked to their interview with her soon after it happened. Better listen to it; she was loyal footsoldier for her party but comes across as a very fair-minded pol nonetheless.

Update 2: Chief Richard Kastigar with the Pima County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that 12 people were shot at a Safeway Store near Oracle and Ina. No detail on the Congresswoman's condition; said to be alive and in surgery as of 2:45 EST.

Update 3: Unsupported word is that one Jared Laughner or Loughner is in custody, suspected of being the shooter. A fellow of the same name has a YouTube channel with...curious stuff on it. Think John L. Hinkley curious. Well, almost the same name; the YouTube guy just happens to list three full names, for those of you who collect such Harvey-Earl coincidences.


The Freeholder said...

Honestly, my first reaction to seeing the story come across my feed was "Political assassination?". That's probably because I'm expecting things in our society to get far worse before they get better.

TXGunGeek said...

The ONLY thing good from this story so far is a report that bystanders tackled the gunman and held for police. People were strong (I mean that figuratively as well as physically) enough to act on their ideals that the actor was wrong and needed to be stopped instead of "waiting for the police to handle it."

ViolentIndifference said...

Some reports now that she isn't dead.

Conflicting reports.

Wife of an astronaut, in favor of secure borders, and also a gun owner.

Roberta X said...

TXGG: VERY glad to hear that. I had not seen that news and with a dozen people taking hits, I was concerned that no one had stepped up.

Dammit, I don't care how weaselly a U. S. politician is, they don't deserve to be shot. We can vote 'em out or wait 'em out.

Montie said...

The extreme left is going berserk over this. On MSNBC's site the story has almost generated 1000 comments and on FOX's site the story is approaching 2000 comments. The leftwing comments are really something amazing to read (don't try reading too many at one time, it will make your head explode).

The wacko lefties have been waiting for something like this that they could jump on. Sadly, they are almost gleeful with this opportunity to stick it to their political enemies (yes folks they consider us ENEMIES, more so than Al Quaeda or any other external enemy of the country).

They are already slinging blame to: the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, FOX News, the Republican Party, gun owners (especially concealed/open carriers), etc. Name any conservative or pro-gun person or organization and fingers are already pointed.

Roberta X said...

From what I'm reading about her, if the shooting was done by someone other than the standard Hinkely/Chapman type lunatic, a person (loosely) connected with a pro-illegal immigration group looks highly likely.

Montie said...

The crowd took down the shooter after 19 people were shot (no concealed carriers in the crowd... in Arizona?).
The shooter is identified as a 22 year old white male named Jared Loughner. According to the crowd, he was shouting something before opening fire.

Now they are saying she's not dead and has come out of surgery with a fairly good prognosis regarding recovery. There are also conflicting reports about a Federal Judge being killed (or maybe not) and a 9 year old child being killed.

The left leaning commenters on all the news sites are literally salivating over this it is really, really sick.

Hmmm, WV: salev

The Freeholder said...

I'm not surprised the wacko crowd is foaming at the mouth; they do that at every opportunity anyway.

I agree with Bobbi's Update 3, if the Youtube stuff belongs to this guy, he's a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. Not a big surprise, I think.

Stranger said...

Evidently the shooter, Jared Loughlan, is about sixty degrees to the left of Karl Marx.

Gateway Pundit pretty much has what is currently known about the situation. Giffords herself is out of surgery and the doctors "expect a recovery." If anything else comes up I will post it at the Alley.

Regardless of the facts, the "progressives" are going to try to blame it on the political right, particularly the TEA Party.

Fortunately, we outnumber 'em. Unfortunately, not many of us are as vocal as a typical leftie.


Stranger said...

Yes, the media says that a 9 YO girl was killed, as well as Judge Roll.

FYI, Loughlan started at the edge of the crowd, shooting people in the back of the head as he made his way through the crowd. Giffords was the last shot in the magazine, so he threw the gun down and ran. At that point, someone tackled him.

I wish it had been a little earlier. The whole affair proves my point that not enough people carry. Even in Az, where they can.


Anonymous said...

While I consider most, if not all, politicians as expendable, this woman would hardly make the target list. A gun owning moderate is hardly a danger to the republic. I’m sure any of your readers could list many politicians that are a more immediate danger to the health of this country and the planet.
Latest news states Gifford came through surgery and was responding to doctors. My prayers and wishes for a speedy and through recovery go out to her.
Unfortunately, while she was the victim of a “standard Hinkely/Chapman type lunatic”, the idiot lefties will make her the poster girl for new efforts to create the Peoples Republic of North America.

Stock up on ammo, look for supplies to get short again.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Latest is it appears she has a good chance of recovery. The round transited her head. A federal judge was killed. The county sheriff reports there may have been more than one shooter, but no other arrests have been made.

Tango Juliet said...

So sad on so many levels.

Joseph said...

Terrorist activities against politicians is never good. That is why we have the vote in this country. This is just going to polarize the situation even more, and political polarization plays even more into the hands of extremists. It will be interesting to see what investigations reveal about the shooter.