Sunday, January 09, 2011

Short Takes

- The best part about doing most of the cooking is that it's nice and warm by the stove. Roseholme Cottage is a 1924 frame structure. Half the windows are original and the only insulation I'm sure it's got is in the attic: when the outside temperature is in the teems, it gets cold indoors.

- Thirty seconds of a TV chat show, husbands and wives share their secrets; hubby admits he has thought about other women during sex. His deaar wife is fine with that, telling him, "I understand; I have done exactly that myself." Um, ooookay then. I'm not asking; please stop telling.

- Huck the cat is a single-action biter: if you play-fight with him, he'll hold his toothy little mouth open, ready to bite if your hand or the toy comes within range. Rannie Wu is more of a double-action biter, a Moray Cat: annoy her and she will lie in wait, composed and serene until you're close enough to lunge and snap at!


ViolentIndifference said...

Sometimes I think about you when I read Tam's blog...

The deformed WV almost looked like 'Tamism'.

Carteach said...

This house was mostly built in the late 1700's, and some in the 1800's, but mostly I am pleased with what was done in the late 1900's. Updated windows, insulation, and a good oil furnace driving baseboard hot water.

If I nurse the wood stove in the living room just right, most of the house stays about 75 degrees and oil furnace only comes on when we need hot water.

Still.... nice to hang near the stove while cooking.