Thursday, January 20, 2011

An "Interesting" Night

It was, at times, entertaining. I felt a little bit icky when I went to bed last night; woke up at midnight, with a mouthful of tummy acid, shivering, hands and feet hurting and cold as ice. My dreams had been both vivid and muddled; as I stumbled around finding water, antacid and socks, I managed to wake up both cats and Tam, none of whom were especially amused.

I cranked the electric blanket up another couple of notches and managed to drift off. An hour later, I was awake again. Extremities slightly better but my stomach was decidedly not. Repeated a few times, getting a half or or an hour's sleep each time. Woke up jabbering or with a goofy train of thought every time, too.

The predictable ralphing eventually struck, accompanied by a terrifying temperature spike. But I felt better after; cleaned up and slept for three blissful hours only to wake up an hour early with sore hands, feet, arms and back. But at least I'm pretty much the same temperature all over and it within normal range!

And now to go driving in a snowstorm. Talk about fun.

Not recommended.


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!


Guffaw in AZ said...

Had a similar event last week. {I'll spare the details}. Must be some bug going around. Feel Better!

wv: flagica - the art of flagelation

Drang said...

bug, or food? Had a night like that a few years ago, it was some cheese which had slowly gone bad in the fridge...

Hope you feel better!