Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Morning Post

This is pretty much a placeholder -- I'm for the shower next and then off to the Heart Hospital, where they may or may not have wi-fi and it may or may not be publicly accessible.

My Niece The Nurse-Practicioner* says it is likely surgery will be happening today. I'll be reaching the end of my coffee, toaster "pastry" and paragraph at the same time, at which point, I'm off to get ready to head to the hospital.
* A professional qualification we should all get used to, since they're picking up more and more of the slack as doctors become increasingly overworked and burned out -- and you can just bet Obamacare or Republicare will fix the hell out of that, oh indeedly-do, ha ha ha haha.

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Tango Juliet said...

Best o' luck to you all and especially MomX!!!!