Thursday, January 20, 2011

Unclear On The Concept

It turns out that problem with forcing government-run healthcare on us degenerate underclasses is that stupid old-fashioned definition of "freedom."

You know, the one where freedom consists of being left alone? Tut, tut, we are told, "..let us not forget that we as a society created our government to make our choices..."

Y'know, I kinda didn't; nor can I think of a single example where government intervention results in my having more uncoerced choices.

You will not be surprised to learn that this cool, rational philosopher-king is "is director of the Master in Public Health Program at Tufts University School of Medicine." Nor that he considers ending fee-for-service medicine a "must." Oh, boy, gimme a doc enjoying the same employment setup as an IRS auditor; I'm sure she'll be deeply, deeply concerned about my health.


Tango Juliet said...

There's a lot of things I'm unclear about nowadays. Like for instance, demanding that the Federal government live within its Constitutional bounds makes one a racist.

Ed Rasimus said...

That is simply scary...VERY scary.

The convolutions of his logic are unbelievable. Denial of a free market, ignorance of the definition of a public good, total unawareness of individual responsibility and blissful avoidance of the concept of liberty.

Josh Kruschke said...

What is the difference between Lyberty and Anarchy?

Personal Responsibility

Kip Condor said...

Anybody using the phrase "...we as a society..." is engaged in an attempt to justify imposing his own preferences on others by force. No exceptions.