Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice Storm

Right now the ice pellets raining down make a sound like tiny glass bead cascading though Hell's biggest hourglass and they might as well -- it's a countdown to trouble and the only question is not "if" but "how bad?"

No answer to that. My drive home was not hellish only thanks to Downtown's heat island and a zillion rush-hour motorists ahead of me.


Home on the Range said...

There's another large band over Terre Haute that will be here in another hour. I'm preheating my little mattress pad and my room.

Anonymous said...

I was born in Terra Haute, don't remember it moved when I was very young. When I ask my Dad about what it was like there, his only response is that if the Earth is ever to receive an enema, Terra Haute is where the nozzle will be inserted...

Keith W

WV bathoth

Anonymous said...

We had it earlier and it wasn't waiting for the 14-16 inches of snow they say Mid Missouri is going to get.

Jennifer said...

Thoughts are with you. This is the same storm system that is triggering the "blizzard warning" for Oklahoma City. Last blizzard here was...well 2009 but that was the only one I'd seen in 30 years.

Anonymous said...

And further south, it's only mizzling and the temperature hasn't dropped yet. The meteorological prognostication is officially "gonna turn to s*t", but I don't see it on the radar. I do believe it's gonna get cold, though.

ViolentIndifference said...

Ice storm, you storm.

Take care of yourself. Prayers are with you.

Montie said...


To quote what I said over at Tam's about this spate of global warming:

Things are nearly paralyzed in Tulsa right now (Tuesday morning)from a massive snow dump that we are simply not used to or equipped to deal with around here. Most of my officers have called in, with only those living close and driving 4WD vehicles able to get to work. The patrol cars are ueless and only the handful of patrol SUV's can get around. I only live a couple of miles from the office and have a 4WD truck but had trouble getting here. I was piling up so much snow in front that it was causing my belt to slip and shutting down my alternator. Much of the night shift crew are sleeping over, unable to go home.

I wish I owned a pair of snowshoes. I could use them to get to my truck and from the truck into the house later. it's calf deep out there.

Still and all, it's better than the massive ice storm we got a couple years ago. I lost most of the old growth trees around my house and was without power for 18 days during that storm. I also suffered damage to my roof from branches falling on it throughout the night.

I bought a generator after the third day with no power when they said it might optimitically be two weeks before power restoration.