Thursday, October 13, 2011

Brought To You By The Letter "Drains"

This is my Thursday-morning post. Note the time.

Greeted The Tamara and spent no little time getting the dish and seeing the pics from Blogorado (Oh! The things I have seen! Oh! The stories I have been told!) and then it was nose to the millstone, shoulder to the oar and throwing rings into my hat, or whatever it is the kids say these days, on A Project:

Spent the last three and a half hours, or a little more, in the basement, folding laundry, rearranging, discovering long-lost socks, moving things around, shoving heavy things, dropping the higher thread count cotton sheets when refolding them (they're like oiled glass! Flannel's so much better, but too hot half the year), sweeping and generally having all manner of fun.

--For a given value of "fun."

Why all this excitement? Because the plumber has been scheduled, in theory for the 8 to 12 window tomorrow, and the cleanout is the farthest, deepest, darkest corner of Roseholme Cottage, way, way back in a corner underneath the laundry-folding table. Your standard-issue plumber does not fit in there so well even if the under-table space wasn't full of big plastic bins containing bedding, which means a whole lot of things have got to move.

Moved they got and now I must get, too, off to bed; the alarm arrives with the dawn and the shape of the morning will be not at all usual.

Geesh, I hope the sewer pipe can be cleared without too much expense or drama.


Mark said...

Hopefully the plumber can just run the 1 inch cutter with the expanding blade and get your line clear. On my ex inlaws old house we rented one from the Poplsr Bluff rental center and I am very glad we got the insurance. It wasn't rust or any other build up, it was tree roots. And the cutter head disintegrated trying to cut those. We wound up cutting down the offending tree and digging up 60 feet of old 4 inch iron drain pipe and replacing it with PVC with 2 clean outs just in case. It took longer to get the city to sign off on the repairs than it did to actually do the repair.

Cond0011 said...

"Geesh, I hope the sewer pipe can be cleared without too much expense or drama."

Well... it sure beats 'water' being ankle deep in your basement, Roberta.

Oh... and good morning. :)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Make sure you have your Blinders on when the Plumbers Crack appears, or else you'll need the Brain Bleach.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

I saw the post title, and all I could think was "zombie plumbers".


wv: mintal - Yeah, I probably am a little mintal.

Stingray said...

Yeah.... sorry about some of those things you've seen.

Roberta X said...

Stingray, you can hardly be blamed for the unavailability of a studded leather posing pouch of suifficient capacity. We all know -- now! -- that it's just something you have to struggle with.

Roberta X said...

Jake: zombie plumbers! Excellent!