Saturday, October 22, 2011


Ever hear of the Sokal Hoax? --Just a teeensy demonstration that if you use the right terms and stack 'em up high enough, you can get published in an academic journal -- even if you're claiming gravitation is a social construct!

That one's a leftie-trap; but don't forget The Report From Iron Mountain, which has managed to provoke Left, Right, Center and Up; purporting to be a leaked government report on why peace is a bad idea, it's an ironic nod to Randolph Bourne* and 1984's Emmanuel Goldstein. This one worked so well, there are even claims that the claim it is a hoax is itself a hoax. Oooooo, meta.

Don't take any wooden nickels out there, okay?
* "War is the health of the State."


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there something about the "Piltdown Man" too?

Popgun said...

I like your blog because it broadens my literary horizon! Ha! Seriously - never heard of either of these before.