Saturday, October 08, 2011

Occupy Bloomberg

On the one hand, they're leaving reeking mountains of refuse in NYC parks and, in one infamous instance, dumping on police cars; on the other, they're irking Mayor Bloomberg bigtime and criticizing the Commander in Chief.

Impossible to love, hard to hate, especially as long as they keep on waving those "End the Fed" signs. Oh, if only they wanted hard currency to replace it, instead of Ithaca Hours. Still, think of all the real work that's getting done in the places where they aren't, all the parent's couches unslept-upon, all the fridges unraided. It's an ill wind that blows no one any good, though downwind of an NYPD squad car might not be the place to be.

I think Thomas Jefferson, who once observed a revolution every decade or so might be about right,* would find the Occupiers of Wall Street more than adequately revolting. Me, I'm just grateful the local version is, so far, trying to be good neighbors while still chanting and waving signs -- it will be interesting to see what tomorrow reveals in Indy. Rebecca Riots, maybe? Just leave the cop cars alone, willya?
* This would be before the man got stuck with the Presidency.

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