Friday, October 07, 2011


That's what reporters do. Well, some of 'em used to--

Ruth Holladay still does. She took her notepad and an open mind to the recent debate between Democrat and Republican candidates for Mayor of Indianapolis and showed how it's done.

Man, I miss havin' an actual newspaper in this town -- we used to have two or three and they even had some reporters.

P.S. We have a kinda-sorta Libertarian Party guy running for the office, too. I say kinda-sorta: he seems to be fond of the EPA and mandatory vehicle inspections. Psst, Mister, I think you might'a been looking for the Green Party and got lost. Man, you wash their little minds and you can't hardly do anything with them.


Anonymous said...

Glad I read all of it. Loved your comment. I almost went off with the illegal gun comment myself then read your comment. Of the many things that get me po'ed, one is "illegal gun" and another is "loophole".

The morons down here are still going off about the new Florida law that attaches a fine and removal from office for breaking a state law (passing a local firearms ordinance in defiance of the state preemption law).


Is it too late for you or Tam to get in the race?

Roberta X said...

Alas, it is, but after I read the "LP" candidate interview, I was sore tempted. But I'd have to work second shift at my real job if I won.