Saturday, October 15, 2011

PS: You're Probably Not The 1%

No, really -- do you have your own private island with your one private mansion on it and your own jet to fly there? Do you have enough bux put back that you're richer than the smallest countries?


Well, then, you're part of this-here semi-mythical pseudoamphictiony of "the 99%." Yeah, that would be you, me, J. Neric Angry Student, the homeless wino over there on the park bench, the manager of your local grocery store, the gal who owns the fast food joint and the manager of the local manufacturing plant -- also, the guy who mucks out the toilets in that plant. Probably everyone you can see from the top of your dwelling, too. I'm sure we've all got a lot of things to talk about that the family with the private island couldn't possibly understand or relate to.

We're also part of the 99% who aren't Mexican/French contortionists with a Ph.D. in cosmology; the 99% who aren't successful herbal cosmetologists, the 99% who have never won big in Vegas or Atlantic City, the 99.999% who have never been in space....

99% is a darned big bag.

I wonder what happens after the supposed Speakers For The 99% are finished bathing in the blood of the 1% -- and how long it will take them to work their way down to me. That's not the same as being on of the 1%, no more than my home library or the one at your church is the same as an adult bookstore; but once you start burning books or "the rich," where does it stop?

It's better not to start.


Overload in Colorado said...

I thought the 1% were hardcore bikers?

Tango Juliet said...

I DO NOT want the Feds hounding the 1%. I don't see the authority to do so in the Constitution anywhere.

Joseph said...

I have kinda wondered how 1% of the population controls everything, too. And at the same time is responsible for all the ills in the world.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet,Donald Trump, etc. are rich, but they are not THAT rich.

I think the whole 1% thing is part of the run up to the elections.

Tam said...

Measured against the world, you are the 1%.

And make no mistake, this crowd is measuring you against the world.

Anonymous said...

They are conflating the top 1% of incomes in the world with the top 1% of incomes in the US -- much as their ideological predecessors conflated fully-automatic assualt rifles with semi-autos that merely looked like them.

And once again, they are counting on you not noticing.

Joseph said...

Against the world, perhaps. But I forgot that it is a sin to be American.

Angus McThag said...

I am _SO_ the 1%!

Mommy says so!

She says I'm handsome too!

And dresses me dapperly.