Monday, October 03, 2011

Tab Clearing: Cafesjian Museum Of Art

Take a middling-insane Soviet-era meeting-hall folly that clumb up a hillside, have an ex-pat zillionaire with a taste for modern art throw avant-garde architects at it and what do you get?

Armenia's Cafesjian Museum Of Art, is what.

Go, look, follow the links you find on that page. You'll not see the like of it anywhere.

In a lovely but history-vexed part of the world (the border/territorial issues between Armenia and Azerbaijan you don't want to know about, and that's even before taking the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic into consideration), it's especially striking to see such a splendid and unusual construction.

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John A said...

"Botero's Roman Warrior" looks familiar, wasn't he a linesman for Green Bay a while back?
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Is it coincidence that word for verification is "puncer" or what? OK, linesmen do not [usually] do it...