Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Aten't Ded

...And neither is Tam, who finally did post something from $DISTANT LOCATION.

In other news --


Claire Wolfe posted a link to Silver Circle, an interesting animated bit of If This Goes On sociopolitical speculation -- in the form of a fast-paced adventure! Don't tell me It Can't Happen Here; most of it already has and Treasury has a nice stack of seized Liberty Dollars to show for it.


Remember the theatre prof at UW-Stout, who had his Firefly poster nabbed for bein' Too Scary? FIRE lawyered him up and the U backed down. And here's the best part: the prof is a bit of a left-libertarian, while FIRE often finds itself on the conservative side of things -- but unlike UW-Stout's top cop, they both know what the First Amendment means. I'm seeing more and more of this -- even the Occupy Indianapolis folks are making a point of tryin' to be beyond Left and Right. (It must break Piven's heart to know this group even went out and got all the proper permits an' have established rules about being polite and not actually blocking doors and such. Heh).


Comparing "Liberty" and "Freedom." Man's got some good points.


In closing, I have found my camera and a big ol' box of stalled-when-I-moved radio projects; I'm in the process of working on even more bookshelves and...dang, I need tires. The right-side ones on my car both have slow leaks; at least, I hope it's the tires and not the rims.


Keads said...

Looking forward to your radio projects and where was the camera prey tell?

Roberta X said...

Under a very large cushion on the couch -- I had moved it, looking, but never lifted it up. Duuuuuh.

Jim said...

Every time you mention retro radio projects I regret we weren't acquainted years ago.

In the early '90s I acquired most of a college radio studio -- old mikes, spare tubes, etc. The star of the collection was a 1940s/'50s eight-pot Gates board. It sat around for a few years, a nostalgic reminder of the ones I ran to help finance what I thought was an education.

Eventually the whole shebang was crowded out by other interesting stuff. I think the guy I sold or gave it to junked it. I'd feel better if it had been retired to a place like Roseholme.

Larry said...

"You're not fooling anyone, you know."

Roberta X said...


Larry said...

eh...bad Monty Python reference...

Anonymous said...

Check for cracked valve stems. We've had our share of them.