Saturday, September 19, 2009

End Of The Trail

So, we rode bikes.

Oh, man, did we ride bikes! All the way to here:This is the actual, literal (present) End Of The (Monon) Trail. 161st Street in Westfield, ten miles from Broad Ripple. And it's not done yet, as you can see. That's my wicker-basket special on the (checks hands for L and R markings) left, Shootin' Buddy's speedy yellow Cannondale in the center and Tam's Brand New Trek on the right. (Yes, she got the stronger frame).

Having gone all that way (and passed up a late lunch at Bub's 'cos the joint was, like, hoppin; I sob), we of course rode all the way back, for a round-trip total in excess of 20 miles (!).

I'd never been all the way to the end, so there were a few new sights -- like this gate, beyond which mystery and adventure must surely await!Is there an abandoned mansion back there? A hidden harbor, where an explorer's sailboat or a steam-engine houseboat bobs at anchor? A dirigble crewed by airship pirates? We're not to know, this trip, and maybe never; grown-ups are but rarely admitted to that territory.

Speaking of territory, here's the Gate To Japan:Sensibly enough, it's on the West side of the trail. I didn't ride through -- I don't speak the lingo and what if it's a one-way Gate?

On the way back South, we visited the Carmel-Clay Historical Society, a very pleasant local museum with many items of interest, arranged in related groupings and well-organized. (I need to fix their telegraph system -- anyone out there have a Key-[and sounder]-on-Board [also here] to spare?) It's in an old train station, so there are a lot of railroad items from the Monon line. There's also a very striking schoolroom recreation of the early part of the previous century.

On down the trail one finds Shapiro's Deli -- I convinced Tam and Shootin' Buddy that a slab of chocolate cake was essential to my health and well-being, but settled for a brownie. Ahhh! It's a wonderful place. I dream of their pastrami, or corned beef and cabbage, or-- Mustn't drool.

We also found an interesting sign:

Does that say "Attention Dogs?"

Why, yes. Yes it does. Vide:

Um, okay. (Do dogs read? Can they? Is this.... Oh, never mind. Good dog!)

All in all, a very fine day. When we returned to Broad Ripple, Tam and SB peeled off for a bite at the Brew Pub, while I, still sugar-buzzin' from the brownie, proceeded back to Roseholme. And a wee bit of a nap. Just a little one!


Bruce B. said...

Looks like a nice jaunt. But Shootin' Buddy's saddle looks like it's crooked (ouch)and "still buzzin' from the brownie" just how "good" are those brownies :-)

Home on the Range said...

Looks like a great day. I bugged out on range time today at the last minute, fighting some cold bug that's whupping my behind. Early to sleep for me.

Will need to do as Tam suggested and bring a bike over there.

Roberta X said...

Oh, heck yeah, Brigid!

Bruce B: sugar buzzing. Dang, I miss so many sly allusions 'cos I'm Temperance. Sort of.

Bruce B. said...

I know, only teasing :-D

Turk Turon said...

Wow! Wonderful trip, wonderful pix, wonderful company. Wish I coulda been there. Maybe organize a triathlon: ride-shoot-eat!

Joanna said...

There's a Shapiro's on the Monon? I may never come home ...

Anonymous said...

"There's a Shapiro's on the Monon? I may never come home ..."

You have to cut through the Carmel town hall/police department to get to it:

Shapiro's Carmel
918 S Rangeline Rd
Carmel, IN 46032

Bobbi, shot off like some sort of tractor beam had locked onto her bike causing a minor problem for those of us in the rear of the column. Luckily a construction fence was able to stablise me after "testing" my brakes so I did not damage Tam's new bike.

Fantastic weather, exercise, and Bobbi got a brownie--who can ask for more?

Shootin' Buddy

Roberta X said...

It's not at all obvious where Shapiro's is, looking from the trail: the back of their building has no real signage other than on the doors.

To make matters worse, the turn is a hard right onto a sidewalk, about half the width of the trail.

Neither of these things is a problem if you know the territory -- which I do but Tam and SB did not. [blush]

...Meanwhile, I should be blogshooting but I'm doing laundry instead. Still hopin' to get out there.

Roberta X said...

...Headed South, it's a hard left turn. Left.

Tattoos on my hands might help.

Old Grouch said...

Well, you beat me. I've walked it as far north as 116th Street, and as far south as 52nd (not on the same trip, though- don't let's be silly). Pretty scenery except the 86th-96th stretch, which is a bore.

Have to get a bike, I guess.