Thursday, March 10, 2011

For Sale: 440

And I'm not just whistling "A." 70 cm, 440 Megahertz, not no hightone 440 cycles. (442 in Vienna 'cos of inflation).

The huckster hawking what happens to be a ham band is a New York Republican Congressthing.

U. S. Rep. The Honorable The Peter King is a middlin' odious creature, obsessed with terrorism unless you happen to be Irish-spelt-IRA and then it's just innocent hijinx; but Allah help you if that's how you spell $DEITY. And Peter has a dream: he wants to create a new, wonderful Public Safety band, for door-kickers and firemen and the man who bugs your phone, not to mention the EMTs who will stabilize your condition and haul you off to a prison ward after, and he's gonna fund this dream by selling off a popular Amateur Radio band, one often used for disaster-relief communications by hams working with the American Red Cross and other groups. Even working with Uncle Sam.

Slashdot's got more.

Good job, Peter, you half-wit. And by the way, when some 15-Watt intellect decides to make his socioreligiopolitical point by blowin' up a car or a building, his race, religion and/or politics matter to me only as characteristics useful in hunting him down along with all his helpers and bosses; it's the act that offends the peace. Jerks like you only ensure it'll keep happening.

(If you were thinking, "At least he thinks we've got too many Mooooooslims here in the U.S.," yeah, he does; and when it comes to guns, the NRA rates him "D." I guess he'd like you to have to face down Joe Jihadi bare-handed. Still like him? He thinks your smokes should be regulated like medical marijuana, that warrantless wiretaps are Just Fine and Mr. Obama's mandatory "National Service" is a super idea. Nanny-government in an elephant suit doesn't look any better than when it's dressed like a jackass. Or is that a RINO suit? Some days you can hardly tell).


Alan said...

How much RF spectrum does it take to kick in a door and shoot the dog?

Guffaw in AZ said...

I'm pretty much thinking all we have left anymore are RINOS and Commies, with a smattering of tin foil hatted Wookie-suiters. Or maybe it's just that King is the tweedle-dee to Schumer's tweedle-dumb?

Roberta X said...

Alan: tsk,they have to phone home afterwards.

Guffaw: King and Schumer certainly have the intellect and charm of a set of bookends and from the looks of them, plenty of mass. They'd be a lot more use in that ole.

rickn8or said...

Just how conservative can you expect an "R" from New Yawk to be?

He's just getting exposure for his presidential run in 2012.

Anonymous said...

I think that if this occurs, then the feds should have to pay us hams for all the 70cm equipment that would be rendered useless. There's lots of rigs,repeaters,and antennas' out there that the owners should be compensated for. Takings clause of the constitution comes to mind. kj4pzz

Eck! said...

Well King is an idiot. Whonder who paid him for that???

FYI king is not a 37dbm intellect, he is barely 0dbm and the rest of his emissions are out of band.

However the band is more than is let out. Like 420 to 430 is regualted so that places close to Canada are actually unavaiable as they are reserved
for public use as that a commercail band in Canada. 430 to 440 is mostly home to mil, 432 SSB ops. the 433 is an ISM and Part-15 use. Love eto see them hunt down all those weather stations and stuff. The 435 to 439 segment is Amateur radio satellite downlinks, Yes like you can turn them off, not. AO7 is still working but uncontrolled! then 440 to 450 is by band plan assigned to ham mobile and FM repeater use, I might add heavily used. So between hams and other users it will take a while to clear the space. Assuming the military and pavepaws let it happen.


Ian Argent said...

I was about to say something about the d-block not selling at auction, why not use that - but if you follow up the link, it would appear that he wants to sell off the 440 mHz band to cover the (paper) losses for not being able to sell off d-block, 700 mHz.

Which was NEVER going to sell with the encumbrances it's got. Suck it up, take the (paper) loss, and just dedicate d-block to the public safety instead of pretending you can get a few bucks for spectrum that can only be used commercially in non-emergency situations.

Besides, the 440 mHz spectrum is apprently nearly as useless commercially due to the primary occupiers being PAVE PAWS. As one of the commentors at /. said: " it's always a good idea to defer to primary users who have attack helicopters and radio-direction-finding equipment... ;)"

WV: rednessw - the color seen by hams when people poach.

Ian Argent said...

"He also wants to sell off 450-470 MHz. Among other uses, this is the band for consumer FRS radios. Just try telling the public that they aren't allowed to use their walkie-talkies anymore..."

Again from the /. comments. This guys a winner all right.

WV: priti - the fireworks from this will sure be priti