Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Items

- Actually got a lot of laundry done today -- and folded or on hangars. Even ironed some hankies. I feel so grown-up! (Cloth handkerchiefs? Yes and I'm not just being old-fashioned; colds are really harsh on the skin of my poor nose, which gets chafed and peels and turns bright, bright red. Cloth is even gentler than lotion-loaded facial tissue).

- A couple of friends commented during the height of my cold about how stalwart I was to be blogging. Um, lookit, determination has nothing to do with it. When my temperature is on the bad side of 100, I can't really stay in bed; if I'm gonna be up, flapping my nightgown, perspiring and patting my fevered brow with a cool cloth, I might as well sit down at the computer and type a few lines, too. Keep doing that every time you stumble by and you end up with a post. Note to self: Spellcheck is my friend. I should trust Spellcheck.

- Speaking of colds, the blame thing is still with me. Sinuses filling, coughing up -- well, never mind, but it's not fun. My temperature's steady and while Sudafed is keeping it from becoming overwhelming (doesn't stop it, how messed-up is that?), it's annoying.

- Got on the air on my ham set-up tonight and discovered my "Milennium Bug" Blue Racer needed the dit contacts cleaned. But not immediately: they acted up just as soon as I was actually in a conversation. Isn't that ever the way it goes?


North said...

That wasn't me. I may have said steadfast, unyielding, earnest, unwavering, or purposeful, but not stalwart.


WV: Degun - No!

Stranger said...

A clean dollar bill rubbed between the contacts does the bug cleaning job on the fly. One of the reasons the op's at the shore stations kept one under their bug's feet. Insert buck, hold lever hard over, burnish contacts, release lever, stow dollar. I 'spect you know how I know.

Get well soon.


Tango Juliet said...

This is one tough cold you're dealing with. Well, hopefully it goes away soon.

Roberta X said...

Stranger, I had a barrel-cleaning patch handy, which worked as well as a dollar; but a dollar bill is the classic method.

(Talk about inflation -- if they replace the buck with a coin, the price of a key-contact cleaner will go up 5X!)

North: Nyah!

TJ: Seems like I get hit with one really bad one a year.