Sunday, March 13, 2011

On Japan

There's very little I can do about their troubles by blogging about it, so I haven't; but as Japan, so the world: our entire species lives on the volcano's edge. We live on a world that will kill us without warning, without doing anything that hasn't happened over and over in the ordinary course of normal happenings, without malice or spite.

Japan, poised atop one of the more-active parts of the Ring of Fire, gets hit more than most, but don't think your turn can't come. Look at the dinosaurs and don't think our turn can't come.

We're all here on this one tiny blue marble, helping each other as best we can when calamity strikes. There is no Plan B.

Maybe it's time there was.

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Anonymous said...

Heinlein's observation about keeping all your eggs in one basket and space travel providing more baskets comes to mind. Frequently.

WV="agicult" I don't consider a desire to see space colonized as belonging to an agitating cult, whatev3r.


wolfwalker said...

"Maybe it's time there was."

No maybe about it.

Gewehr98 said...

Just waiting for the Yellowstone Caldera to do it's thing...

Joseph said...

There should be a Plan B and it should likely involve space travel. I think the only way that would happen is private enterprise, though. Which might be a good idea!

WV: eleloi, cousin of the Eloi.

Anonymous said...

Roberta, dear mistress of the High Frontier, I'm dissapointed to find your not agitating to get us off this tiny marble. I grew up wanting to go to space, watching the first astronauts and dreaming of walking on the moon and mars myself. Its time to rejoin the NSS and work to get free humans off this marble.

Roberta X said...

Bruce, what do you think I meant by "Plan B?"