Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paradox UK

Maybe it's built into the British political psyche. After all, the "mother of parliaments" flourishes in a theocratic monarchy without a written constitution; still, it bothers me when British anarchists join and intensify violent riots over government cutbacks. Duuuude, the State is shrinking!

--Oh, but it's shrinking on your patch first, is that the problem? Do it to Julia instead, you say?

(Bonus protip: "Police were pelted with...what they said were light bulbs filled with ammonia...." So that's why they're outlawing incandescent bulbs over here!)


Scott said...

I'm having trouble with the definition of anarchist evidently, these people don't look or sound like anarchists to me.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Anarchists my sweet patootie! Why, these punks wouldn't know how to blow up a Czar or Shoot a President if you handed them a manual!

perlhaqr said...

I could call myself a Socialist, but it wouldn't make it so. That those people have self labelled as Anarchist is equally false.

Underground Carpenter said...

Hi Roberta,

They're certainly not "anarchists" in the El Neil style.


John Peddie (Toronto) said...

It's not because of a "theocratic monarchy", which is really neither, in any practical sense.

That's just figurehead stuff and layers of history.

But "anarchists"?

That's the street version of "soccer hoodlums" found in a stadium.

They breed them over there, you know.

WV "wormies" (honest-I could not have made that one up).

Who programmes that stuff to make it context-sensitive?

Anonymous said...

Anarchist=give me a check or I'll smash the State.

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

Nonono. You've fallen for the Media's "power to define" again.

That's the usual crowd of Leftoid s*t-flingers, smashing stuff as is their habit. But the BBC can't say that, because the Left is all peaceful and rational and flower power, and all; just ask 'em.

So they need to say something on teevee, but they can't say "Commies and Islamists jockeying for power and IDing the ones they'll have to kill when they take power", 'cause that gives the right impression and they can't have that. Therefore "anarchists". Pfue. There's not an anarchist within ten miles of that celebration of leftoid tolerance.

You have to give the Media points for historical knowledge. It's been at least a century since the stereotype of the bomb-throwing anarchist was current.


wolfwalker said...

To quote a passage from Alan Dean Foster (a very perceptive chap, like many SF authors): "...two fanatics of any political ilk constituted a potential army. Taken alone, most of them were frightened, ineffectual wrecks. Except for the true fanatics like the anarchists, who instead of being against something were against everything. That's not a condition of politics but of sanity."

IOW, anarchists are batshit crazy, so expecting rational behavior from them is foolish. The gangs of yobs and junior hoodlums who call themselves "anarchists" will grab hold of any political demonstration as cover for their insanity.

(WV: 'sworm'. Dunno what it means, but it sounds nasty.)

Scott said...

As an anarchist/ minarchist I can agree I'm a little off and a hopeless romantic but bat shit crazy seems a little harsh. I also wouldn't be involved in protests over government shrinkage, I'd be much more likely to celebrate.

Robin said...

IMO, they don't shoot enough of these anarchists.