Friday, March 25, 2011

Scanner Works

See:You might be wondering what that device might be. The nature of that gadget (It's a "QSL-40") and the man who dreamed it up make for an interesting story. I'll have details at Retrotechnologist, later now.

...Epson had to insist I blindly install their image viewer as my default; they slipped it into the install tasks without identifying just what it did. I'll be changing that, since for a quick look, it's no better than the one Bill Gates stuck in and a little slower. Hey, peripheral makers, this kind of thing does not win you friends, okay?


Jim said...

At least it avoids packing its wallop in a "footprint."

Roberta X said...

Ah, yes, Tom Swift And His Electric Bastinado. A classic -- and packs a huge wallop in someone's footprint!

Eck! said...

I spy an 807 maybe..


Anonymous said...

Installations -- it's almost always a good idea to do a quick scan of the .inf before cranking up the install routine. Things you don't want can be commented out, and registry tweaks come at the top of that list.


Roberta X said...

Nope, it's a 6L6!

Stranger said...

Nice 6L6G rig. And with up to 600 Volts on the plate, and (usually) a 10 microfarad filter cap, the B+ did pack a pretty good wallop.

In the days before electronic smog became so prevalent working Asia with one 6L6 was not at all uncommon. A rock ground for 7.020 or so and just under 70 feet of wire at about the same height could provide several hours of 18 WPM chat with a J, XL or AC. Now JA, BV, and Tibet is no more.


Roberta X said...

It doesn't help that we're climbing slowly out of sunspot minimum and a pretty serious one; I'd rate that a worse problem than the noise floor.

Anonymous said...

Roberta-- I'm fascinated that you're interested in vacuum tubes and old radio transmitters. I got my Novice ticket as a teenager in the early sixties and had a lot of fun. Back then it was only good for one year unless you moved up to your General license. I wasn't quite fast enough on the code, so I let it slip away.

I see they've dumbed down the process in the intervening decades. On a lark, I took a practice Technician test online and passed it with no study whatsoever. I guess I should take it for real and jump back into ham radio.

Eck! said...

Roberta, canpt post on retrotechnologist. It always just dumps the message and the only system I have that can post to it for some reason is the Macbook/safari.

A friend that blogs much suggested reset the comment form from the default "embedded" to either 'text box" or "full screen".

I read it but positing has been problematic.

If I can post I'll add a comment on an old TX I've reviving..


Roberta X said...

Eck, I'll look into it -- I do see you've managed to post since.

Anon, 11:42: I always have been. My Dad had tube TVs and radios running well into the age I got interested in radio and back then, old tube rigs were cheap, while solid-state stuff? On a babysitter's income? Not a chance!