Wednesday, March 09, 2011

New At I Work On A Starship

A new chapter -- at last! -- at I Work On A Starship:

Our run-in with Port Security had worked out better than expected: though Port Control had flatly denied any chance of the sabotage happening while our squirt-boosters were under their care, the not-police had approached the matter with the cynical skepticism of good cops everywhere and worked their way down the list of every Port employee who could possibly have had access to them.

A cleaner named Mallory had shown up for his shift while the vehicles were starting to be hauled to where Raub and I had looked them over. He'd stuck around just long enough take in what was happening; gate records showed him leaving shortly after. Port Security had sent an officer to his address of record, which turned out to be a vacant lot adjacent to the crater from the tanker crash.

And that, on this still very Edger-like world, was just about that: he'd been hired without references and there's no official paper trail other than voluntary documents. At least for a certain value of "official."
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Justthisguy said...

Ma'am, I saw that you wrote "questionable" there, when so many kidsthesedays would have written "sketchy." Thank you so ultimately very much for doing that. People who write or say "sketchy" need to be knocked down and kicked in the head.

Justthisguy said...

Oh, and this is your best chapter yet.

"Conan the Objectivist" Giggle.

Justthisguy said...

Shame on you for Tuckerizing Tam's kitteh without her permission!

Drang said...

Speaking of which, what Forbidden Water does Lt. Wu like...?

Roberta X remotely said...

Justthhisguy: she's shown up before; you might even find the two USSF Reservists she shows up vaguely familiar in name and some aspects of appearance and personality.

I wanted get all residents of Roseholme Cottage safely aboard Lupine and I wanted to show them as I know them.

Just wait 'til you meet Lt. (j.g.) Howard A. (for Alexander)Hucklston!