Monday, March 21, 2011

Hoarse? But I Wanted A Pony!

Hoarse is what I got, though. My throat was scratchy all day yesterday and this morning, it's ragin'. Feels like strep. I'm off to Doc In A Box to find out.

Update: It's not strep. Has me pretty well knocked out, though -- I fell asleep in the lobby, waiting for my discharge instructions. What's this? Plenty of fluids, soft foods, rest, throat lozenges and/or spray p.r.n.*...? Who'd'a thunk it?

Throat still feels raw and symptoms have now progressed to dizziness and making my ears itch on the inside. Weird as that sounds, it's usually a good sign. What follows is should be ordinary mild cold-type sinus stuff, while my throat improves. Gimme a little luck, serious sack time and 12 to 20 hours and I'll merely be Sneezy, not Dizzy, Grumpy or Dopey. --Wait, was Dizzy one of the Seven Dwarves or did he just relief-pitch for them one season?

Update 2: 8:00 p.m. Temperature 100.9 as of twenty minutes ago. More tea and back to bed. Sheesh.
* Pro re nata: this means you should call up Renata and ask her if it's what she'd do for herself. All the M.D.s think she's really got the best grasp of this sort of thing, just look at what they write on pill bottles.


Tango Juliet said...

Get well soon!!

North said...

I hope you feel better and can be medicated to fix your pain. At least to have something to make the roughness go away.

North said...

Renata does NOT like being called a 'pro' even though she is very familiar with sore throats, if you catch my drift.

bob said...

Beats Lumpy, he was the 8th dwarf but he died of cancer.

Robin said...

Last week mine was a strep infection. Which surprised both me and the doc, as he'd been getting a lot of negatives off the cultures in other patients.

Penicillin took care of it.