Sunday, March 27, 2011

Party Of The Little Guy?

...So there's a Democrat fundraiser in Orlando (F-L-A) with Vice-President Joseph P. Biden as the featured creature and the local papers send a pool reporter: pretty much the usual drill.

Then when Joe Workin' Press shows up at the $500-a-head soiree, they stuff him in a closet. And post a guard to keep him in there. They let him out to hear Mr. Biden and the local pol he's supporting speak and then -- back in 'til all the nice people have have left!

...And he was pretty much okay with it.

Look, we've all wanted to have a reporter or two shut up in a closet but doing it in real life pretty much wipes out any claim a political party could make about "standing up for the little guy." Stepping on him, maybe.

And if you're the reporter who lets yourself gets stuffed uncomplaining into a closet at an event you were invited to cover, you probably ought to burn your Press card and consider a different career.

Though I would kinda like to see a photo of the fellow in question at the event in question -- you don't suppose he had the effrontery to show up at a black-tie event looking like an unmade bed, do you? Tsk, tsk.

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Atlanta Roofing said...

The reporter quietly sitting in the closet has become a bigger story than whatever was happening outside…
I think perhaps the reporter realized that when he chose not to fight it.