Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Books

If I told you Monster Hunter Alpha, Larry Correia's latest release, was a soul-wrenching exploration of four people in their struggle with lycanthropy and a bit of a love story, you'd give me a neutral look while you tried to figure out how loopy I'd gone.

Never fear; Larry does what he does so well, writing probably the best action sequences in the general SF/Horror genre, in support of a tightly-plotted story "cast," as they say, "in the Gothic mode," which means there's good, evil, a conflict between 'em, and a hero who sorts it all out. The hero of Monster Hunter Alpha is MHI boss Earl Shackleford, who we've met in the previous books. In this one, we get to spend some quality time with the old man; it's time well spent. It's a good book. I read most of my copy straight through! Buy yours via the link at Tam's.

Where Larry Correia's fictional world postulates our world with a barely-hidden subculture of every monster you ever heard of, the only "monster" in Brian J. Noggle's John Donnelly's Gold is a passing mention of the eponymous job-placement company. Nevertheless, it, too is quite an adventure and one that will have you wondering how it all turns out until the very end. It may be his first novel and self-published at that but the writing is quite good (and his proofreading a zillion times better than mine). This is a satisfying story; I don't want to spoil your fun by telling too much of the plot, which concerns laid-off IT workers (a group of very well-drawn characters) and the twists and turns of their efforts at subtly-executed revenge. I got a review copy but would happily pay full price. Recommended!


North said...

Does Tam get something by ordering via that link?

Brian J. Noggle said...

I am just happy to not have stepped in it when describing the guns. Although at one point in the manuscript, we had a semiautomatic transmorgify into a revolver.

It ain't the proofreading that's hard: it's the copy-editing.

Thanks for your kind words.

Tam said...

Yes, I'm in the Amazon affiliate program.

I'll understand if you'd rather not throw seventeen cents in my pocket.

The ice cream remains free.

North said...

I threw .17 cents into your pocket. I assume that it is just for the book linked. If it is for the whole order (I'm not sure how that would work) I put 4 other books in my cart and checked out. It was either .17 or more - not sure how that works for your program.

Please let me know if you know.

Anonymous said...

The neat thing about the affiliate program is that it doesn't cost you any more than if you'd gone straight to Amazon.

TBeck said...

It takes a special kind of author to write chick porn well enough to convince me that it's gun porn. I finished the book earlier this week and completely missed that subtext. I figured if Earl likes a girl he gently bites the nape of her neck and nature takes its course.