Saturday, December 03, 2011

And In World News

Walmart is coming to India, along with the whole range of "big box" retailers, thanks to recent legislation.

--I have no idea what to make of this item. I shall be quite interested to see what Indians make of it. (Cue predictable whining from tourists about loss of quaint charm in ...3...2...1... Hey, if'n you don't live there, whyn't you just shaddup and let the people who do work it out?)


BGMiller said...

Whenever work brings anybody over from the Pune office they absolutely love Walmart apparently. It'll be interesting to see how the chain adapts itself to the culture.

It'll be even more interesting to see People of Walmart: Mumbai Edition.


Ed Skinner said...

I hear the Taj Mahal property is soon to be available. Can't wait for the "People of ..." updates!

Stretch said...

As a nation of shopkeepers (India and Britain are more alike than either would/will admit) I imagine India will take to Walmart quite wwell.
Undoubtedly polyester saris will soon make their appearance.

John B said...

I commented this summer.
Hanging out in the Nairobi Wal-Mart doesn't make one well traveled.

This was to a guy at Wally's gun counter who travels for bragging wrongs as opposed to rights.

Check youtube for Wal-Martians!