Thursday, December 22, 2011

As Seen Near TV!

Dood, u r doin' it wrong: "Being a veteran of many sweet potato pies I can firmly attest that done right and after a few seconds in the microwave, you're eating a slice of heaven."

...No. Plain no, 'cos once you've spent a few seconds in the microwave, everything tastes different -- and it's a slice of heaven just to be let out.

(Comment to an article about an obnoxious Al Sharpton anti-GOP ad (possibly the one Og mentioned), in which he is blaming them for the bad economy.)

* * *

Look, Al -- can I call you Al? No? Okay, Hey You: y'know what entity screwed up the economy? Congress. Not a damn' one of 'em stood up and read the phone book or Ulysses to stop the crazy; oh, hells no, they egged one another on, the two parties double-dog-daring one another and they're at it again, still thinking they can drive the vehicle they keep putting in a ditch.

As near as I can tell, the vast majority of Federal incumbents don't give a fat damn about economic recovery by anybody's lights -- not Rand's, not FDR's, not Hayek's or Keynes' or even Eugene V. Debs's. All they care about is tryin' to maneuver things so the other guy's party looks like a sack of bastards, then pointing-in-alarm while snickering in unholy glee. They'd be depantsing one another if they could get away with it.

I think we ought to pair 'em up, hand them Go boards and make them play. Then every three days, pick ten at random, knock 'em out and leave 'em, solo, in jeans and T-shirts along desolate sections of railroad track, flat broke and without ID; meanwhile, we elect replacements and we keep at it until one or more grows a spine and stops playin' games. And I'd volunteer to wield the knockout mallet, too, but I think my breakage rate would be too high.

Never happen. But what a sweetly comforting thought!


Shermlock Shomes said...

". . .knock 'em out and leave 'em, solo, in jeans and T-shirts along desolate sections of railroad track, flat broke and without ID."

I have darker thoughts and tend to go all traditional.

Did you know Oliver Cromwell's head hung on a spike outside Westminster Hall for around twenty-five years and was quite the tourist attraction? Washington D.C. could use a thinning of the herd and the resulting tourist revenue if things are done properly.

Dave H said...

I always liked the idea of defenestration as a way to clean house.

John B said...

so after 54, 3-day intervals, we'd have responsive government?

What to buy Bobbi for Christmas?
Pugil Stick or Cricket Bat?

og said...

That's a different ad, and bad enough on it's own. The ad I saw he did everything but accuse republicans of wanting to go back to slavery. Pity he's too ignorant to remember republicans are the ones who stopped it. The commercial itself is so inflammatory it's been removed from youtube, and I have only seen it with my own eyes once, and then I nearly elvised the TV.

Quizikle said...

You have such a blessedly interesting train of thinking.

Earl said...

I often love the things you say, and how you say them.

Mark Alger said...

Ah,, yes. They may have lean forwards, but they still have fat heads.