Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Roku/Kindle Fire/Prime

...So I have a Roku. I'm liking it. Went to spin up one of those Free (to Amazon Prime members) Instant Videos and -- no workee.

Checked Amazon. H'mm, my guest-of-Tam Prime account is okay-fine. Looked for help there and at Roku. Not finding. Got into live-help chat with Roku and in the midst of one of those, "Now tell me what you see on the TV," exercises, I had that sinking feeling while looking at the screen telling me of all the wonders awaiting -- if only I were an Amazon Prime member. If only I were...

But I'm not, not really; I'm the guest of a member. I did a BRB with Roku, checked at Amazon and, yep: it's only free if the names on the Roku and Prime match.

$80 a year for more free movies and TV shows than I could ever eat? Sign me up! And when Tam's Prime account is up for renewal, she can be my guest for awhile, instead.

(Neatest of all? Seamless handoff between Roku and Kindle Fire: they share bookmarks!)


PMain said...

Weird, have my Amazon account attached to my girlfriend's ROKU & it has worked flawlessly. Maybe its the newer version of Roku, her's is over a year old. Maybe see if you can track down an older firmware version

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the gift of knowledge, Bobbi. I'm giving Leatherness a ROKU unit for Christmas, and didn't even consider registering it in my name (Prime account holder). One headache avoided,thanks to you.