Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

(I admit it -- I automated the post about BZ last night and slept in this morning. I really needed the sleep.)

Breakfast this morning -- content advisory for any visitors from the Subcontinent, as I'm indulging in cultural tourism at the cooker -- consisted of a variation on the usual one-wok affair: bacon, cooked with a little black pepper and set aside, followed by half an onion, one carrot and a stalk of celery, diced and seasoned with garam masala ("Punjabi style") and curry powder (which is Indian about the same way chop suey is Chinese*) and stir-fried with a little bit of diced panchetta. When that was about half-done, I microwaved a package of brown rice and quinoa (with garlic!) added most of it to the pan; fried that up happy, pushed it to the sides and scrambled three eggs in the center. When they wee done, I added the bacon back, crumbled, and a small handful of diced Swiss cheese.

It was wonderful! Tam, who normally reaches for the salt and hot sauce as a matter of course, commented on the aroma, took a taste and said, "That'll do just as it is." It wasn't hot, in fact the taste was a bit delicate, but oh, my, it was good!

Roll the credits: It was Brigid who took Tam to Penzey's Spices a few days ago, where they spotted the garam masala and Tam thought it would be especially nice on potatoes and onions. Good call.

* "Curry powder, and the contemporary English use of the word curry are Western inventions and do not reflect any specific Indian food...." I can't even begin to duplicate the delights to be found at our local Indian restaurants but the spices are for me as they were to the Brits, a way to bring some of memories home.

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Tam said...

What a wonderfully complex bowl of savory and salty tastes it was!

And it smelled as yummy as anything I've ever eaten...