Saturday, December 03, 2011

December Semi-BlogMeet

'Cos of having a BlogVistor headed through town, a Semi-BlogMeet has been slated for the afternoon of 10 December, 1:30ish, on the North side of Indy.

Also please note I am an idiot sleep-deprived (yeah, that's the ticket!) and had typed the wrong address. Fixed now. I don't send that much e-mail to myself, okay?

Applicants interested in attending can write me at roberta (dooooot) x (aaaahdttt) sbcglobal (daaat) net. I will sort through them as much as I can and get back to you. (Please note this is my publicly-available e-mail and can be a little spam-challenged at times; if I miss you or you get caught in the spamtrap, sorry!)


Larry said...

As luck would have it I'll be departing Roanoke VA on the morning of 10 December heading for southwest Ioway, but I doubt we will be as far as Indy by half-past one.
And besides, we'll be on I-64, a fair ways to the south of you.
Y'all have fun!

Roberta X said...

Larry: "Recalculating!" Tsk. No diversion?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Sent you an email.

Roberta X said...

Yes, and how much better it would have worked had I only written the proper e-mail address for myself. Dot net dot com dot org dot duh...hiya!

Larry said...

Recalculating...we're leaving Sister's house in Roanoke at 2 AM, so a diversion to Indy would put us there...right about 11:30 AM or so with Sister breathing down my neck about wanting to "get there" before midnight.
Maybe next time. Or maybe this summer when I can bring the convertible. :D

The Jack said...

Heh. I'm reminded of this old gem

"Welcome to Homestar runner dot net; it's dot com!"

Welp, I've resent my email to the other address

Shermlock Shomes said...

I just dropped y'all a note and afterwards thought, "Maybe I'm the included in the chaff and not the wheat!"

Roberta X said...

You are NOT the chaff.

The Jack said...

Annnnnd I sent it to the wrong address a second time.

Turns out I'm the greater fool.

This time I'm pretty sure it got out.

Scout26 said...

I'm headed to Detroit that day. But I'll be in town ~the 21st to visit the folks. I'll have my son with me, and we'll be looking for a place to shoot handgun, centerfire rifle and rimfire rifle (SHUUUSH, don't tell him the last two are Christmas presents).