Friday, December 30, 2011

Minitru, Nork-Style

Dateline, where else but North Korea -- After awhile, if you're the smoldering-pants news agency of a history-rewriting dictatorship that removed condemnation of hereditary rule from the official political dictionary, you lose all sense of what's true and real -- if there's a messy knot of photographers in an image, why, you Photoshop it away, as neatly as you'd fake up missile-test results.

...Of course, it looks kind of odd to the outside world if an honest news service happened to trip their shutter at the same time from just a couple feet away.

Maybe "a lie can run around the world nefore the truth has got its boots on," but these days, it doesn't matter all that much if it takes the truth a few laps 'round the Equator to catch up; at nearly the speed of light, the lie is caught out in less than an eyeblink.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

So, if power gets handed down to the 3rd. Generation, is it Officially a Monarchy? And if so, does this mean Karl Marx was a Royalist? After all, in North Korea, "Communism HAS been tried...." as all those idiotic Liberal Arts Profs kept saying in my University.