Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Bacon Spam Experiment Begins

Hey, Uncle Jay? The tasting starts now. Photos to follow.

Update: Hey, this is good! Did a nice omlette: Bacon Spam, mushrooms, a leek, a few green olives, some Gruyere cheese inside and a little leftover Swiss on top.


Raven said...

Hi, Roberta. Could you give Perlhaqr a call? He appears to have written down your phone number incorrectly and was trying and failing to reach you. Thanks!

Perlhaqr's road trip tech support

Roberta X said...

Done and done!

Ed Rasimus said...

"Bacon Spam"? That is simply wrong on so many levels.

The Big Guy said...


I had another can that I have been rationing all this week...

Mmmm. Bacon Spam!


Shane said...

A long time ago I went camping in the Sierras near Downieville, CA. We made friends with a neighboring camper named Steve. One evening he made a delicious batch of Spam chili that I still remember after over forty years. That is when I learned Spam could be made into excellent meals.

Also, we have a local franchise of the L & L Hawaiian Barbeque chain and their menu items have Spam as one of the meat choices.