Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Not A Big Truck

As near as I can figure out, it really is a series of tubes!(Moto HT, Iky all-standards monitor, fiber-optic breakout and my Kindle with a stored web-page. No free wi-fi for you! But I was waiting on techs at the other end and couldn't resist the snapshot.)


NYEMT said...

Good grief. Are you sure that Motorola doesn't belong over at the other blog? It's damn near as old as me.

Roberta X said...

Heck, that's one of what we still think of as the new HTs. The ones they replaced, you would not have believed.

NYEMT said...

I worked in a radio shop as a "side job" that somehow turned into a 50-hour-per-week gig that left me a sleep-deprived zombie for about six years. Those Radius portables (and a lot of the Moto mobiles from the mid-'90s) were programmed with DOS-based software, and we had to resurrect some truly archaic computers to get the radios and the 'pooters to talk nicely to each other. Anything faster than a 386 was too fast for the radios. Also, new laptops (surprise) don't have serial ports. Guess what all the Motorola products needed to connect to the programmers? ;)

WV: "mazes"...as in, "It 'mazes me what's still in use out there that we thought would be doorstops by now.."